Reference Tag Calibration Procedure

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Re: Reference Tag Calibration Procedure

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make sure your devices have the latest firmware updated.
The master anchor, which is labeled Anchor #1, has a device ID of Anchor0.
Tag device IDs are 1 less than the labeled number. Ex: Labeled Tag#1 has a device ID of 0.

Tag Calibration using USBTraq interface: Distance Calibration
1. Setup all anchors as appropriate setting. To Setup Anchor positions in detail, please follow the link as:
2. Turn ON all anchors. Anchor0 should be turn on last when using auto calculated positions.
3. Place the tag to be calibrated in the first calibration position. There are 2 scenarios: calibration for 1 tag (1 point) and calibration for 4 tags (4 points).
    a. For 1-point calibration, use the center of the space for the tag position with a height of 1.8 m.
    one-point calibration for tag.jpg
    one-point calibration for tag.jpg (55.04 KiB) Viewed 1913 times

    b. For 4-point calibration, we have following possible positions:
      i. Center of the space with the height of 1.3 m.
      ii. X = 1m, Y = 1m, Z = 1.8 m
      iii. X = 2m, Y = 1m, Z = 1.8 m
      iv. X = 1.5m, Y = 2m, Z = 1.8 m
four-point calibration for tags.jpg
four-point calibration for tags.jpg (92.12 KiB) Viewed 1913 times

4. Download USBTraq interface as following link (you may need the password in order to see the content)
5. Connect USBTraq to Master Anchor. You may follow this link for more detail on this procedure:
6. On USBTraq screen, select the Tag Calib. Tab.
Tag Calibration USBTraq.png
Tag Calibration USBTraq.png (68.13 KiB) Viewed 1913 times

7. Select Distance Calibration.
8. Select Tag ID you want to calibrate for your device. (You should calibrate 1 tag at a time and start with tag0)
9. Click Start Calibration.
10. Enter each tag to anchor distance in Dist 1 row and click Use checkbox.
11. Inspect the Slope and Intercept calculated for each distance to ensure they make sense.
12. Repeat step 8-9 for each position you want to calibrate.
13. When finished, click on End Calibration.
14. Click on Write Calibration Values to Device.

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