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Re: Select data to output from tag.

Postby cong » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:49 pm

The Master Anchor, which is labeled Anchor #1, has a device ID of Anchor0 on USBTraq interface screen.
Tag device IDs are 1 less than the labeled number. Ex: labeled Tag#1 has a device ID of 0

Output Data from Tags:
1. Connect a Tag to a PC using the general purpose serial cable.
2. Start USBTraq interface on your PC. On USBTraq interface screen, select Setting tab.
SettingUSBTraq.png (114.39 KiB) Viewed 1077 times

3. Click on Refresh Serial Port List.
4. On Select Port box, choose the proper Comm port in the drop down menu. Click Connect button.
5. Select Read All Calibrations From Device.
6. Select Settings tab.
7. In the top right hand corner under Data Burst Control, select which data output items you want to enable.
8. Select the Terminal tab.
9. You will now be able to view the raw data being sent out the USB port.

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