Diagnostic Test

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Diagnostic Test

Postby cong » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:38 am

1. Setup your anchors in a square with about 3m on each side.
2. Place the lower anchors at about 600mm.
3. Place the upper anchors at about 2000mm.
4. Connect to Tag #1 with USBTraq and select filter method 3. Be sure to select the filter method with the drop down instead of just typing in the number.
5. Connect to Anchor #1 with USBTraq, on the Settings tab, select 8 anchors and 1 tag.
6. On the Anchor Positions tab, select Manual XYZ, Rectange Anchor Setup and 3D System Setup.
See screenshot below for similar setup.
Diagnostic Test USBTraq.jpg
Diagnostic Test USBTraq.jpg (72.02 KiB) Viewed 1166 times

7. Enter your exact anchor positions and select Write to Device.
8. Have someone hold the tag above their head at approximately X=1500mm, Y=0mm.
9. Next click on the Terminal tab and Browse for a place to save the log file on your PC.
10. Click on Log Received Data checkbox.
11. Have someone walk with the tag from X=1500, Y=0mm to X=1500mm, Y=3000mm.
12. Deselect the Log Received Data checkbox.
13. Email the log file to support team for further analysis.

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