Development Kit Hardware Content

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Development Kit Hardware Content

Postby cong » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:14 am

Development Kit hardware Content.jpg
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The followings are the components you will receive in Development Kit Suitcase:
    1. Anchor(quality 4)
    - is wireless transceiver that sends and receives measurement distances to other items, such as Anchors and Tags.
    - Anchor #1 (aka Master Anchor): has the ability to transmit position data with Bluetooth or WiFi
    - 2D setup requires 3 Anchors
    - 3D setup requires 4 Anchors with Anchor #4 being at a different height than the Anchor #1-#3.
    2. Small Antenna:(quality 4) is omni-directional multi-purpose for most applications.
    3. Large Antenna (quality 4) is directional for specialized applications.
    4. Tag(quality 4)
    - is wireless transceiver that send and receives measurement distances to the Anchors.
    - is used to track the precise position and rotation of the object being tracked.
    5. Tag Battery(quality 4)
    - has 150 mAh capacity
    - is rechargeable
    - has battery life as 1 hour at High-Speed Tracking and up to 150 hours at Lowest-Speed Tracking
    6. Shark Fin(quality 1):
    - is used for Virtual Reality (VR) applications only.
    - is optional use as an enclosure for the tag.
    7. Micro-USB Cable for general use(quality 4): is attached to Anchors and/or Tags to charge battery and/or output data.
    8. Micro-USB Cable for On-The-Go (not include in the picture)(quality 1) is a special cable that is required to attach Tag to Android phone.

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