Hardware Requirements

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Hardware Requirements

Postby cong » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:26 am

Minimum Requirements:
- A computer with a minimum of 1 USB port.
- Windows 7 (Windows XP will also work, but may be limited in some areas)
- a HMD (Head Mounted Display) is required for Virtual Reality:
- IndoTraq's example VR code:
    -- is designed to be run using Gear VR S6 Innovator Edition/ S6 mobile phone or Gear VR Black S6 or S7
    -- this example code can be modified to work with other HMDs.
    -- a USB data port, [b]Bluetooth or WiFi is required for data transport.
    -- USB data port is recommended for low latency data transport.
    -- the Gear VR S6 Innovator Edition and Gear VR Black Edition has an external USB data port.
    -- the Gear VR Black Edition comes with an adapter that convert USB micro to USB type C. The problem is that the On-The-Go signal does not pass through. In order for this to function properly, an adapter such as Micro to Type C Adapter is required.

Optional Requirements:
- Four Neewer Light Standsor equivalent: are recommended to mount the anchors for mobility and demonstration.
- Several Neomark Tripod Mini Ball Heads: are used for flexibility in mounting anchors at specific angles.
Warning: do not use tripod mounts with screws longer than 0.5'' because it can cause damage to your device.

External Resources
: are available for downloading at indoTraq.com/support
- VR demonstration game with source code.
- Android data gathering and logging app with source code.
- PC application (Python) for graphically displaying Anchors and Tags being tracked with source code.
- USBTraq: a PC application (32 bit or 64 bit) for communicating with the Anchors an Tags in order to configure them for your application.
- Termite Serial Communication Tool(freeware):
    -- is available for download on external websites.
    -- is used to view all the data being transmitted from Anchor #1 (aka Master Anchor) or from any other Tags.
    -- is also used to change the configuration of any of the devices.

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