Dive into the future with OpenXR! It’s the magic bridge connecting IndoTraq™ with the coolest VR/AR gadgets out there.

While today’s HMDs are already mind-blowing, tracking every blink, gesture, and movement, they’ve been missing a trick – pinpointing your EXACT spot in the digital universe. But guess what? That’s about to change! Imagine multiple users, all in one room, not just avoiding those awkward virtual bumps but actually seeing, chatting, and high-fiving each other in the same virtual realm.

And it gets wilder! Dream of collaborating in a shared virtual space, even if you’re continents apart? It’s no longer just a dream! Picture a team of engineers, from all over the globe, huddled over a prototype, brainstorming and tweaking in real-time.

IndoTraq™ is on it with their game-changing HSKT tracking tech, pinpointing everyone’s spot-on location. And with OpenXR, this goldmine of data can supercharge each HMD, adjusting everyone’s personal VR/AR universe. Plus, if you’re into software like Autodesk VRED, guess what? OpenXR’s got your back, sending that data right where you need it. So, strap in and get ready for the ultimate immersive experience!

Dive into the Future: OpenXR & IndoTraq™ Unleashed