HSVT / Fiducials

Get ready for a vision revolution! Introducing the stereo camera module, giving devices the power to see just like us humans! But hey, no tech is perfect. When these bad boys power on, they’re a bit lost, not really knowing where they stand in the big wide world. And over time, they might drift off course, just like daydreaming during a meeting. 😜 But guess what? IndoTraq™ has cracked the code! 💥

Welcome HSVT (high speed vision tracking)

Method 1: Attach our super-cool HSKT tracking tag! Boom! Your vision system instantly knows where it’s at and keeps its focus sharp, no matter how long it’s on.

Method 2: Say hello to fiducials! 🎯 Think of them as the vision system’s personal GPS. These snazzy black and white plaques sport a unique pattern that the camera just LOVES. Spot a fiducial, and it’s like giving the camera a map and compass. Place these markers around, and your vision system will keep checking them, ensuring it’s always on track and in the zone.

So, gear up and redefine vision tracking with IndoTraq™!

Vision Revolution: IndoTraq’s HSVT