Use Case: Location Based Virtual Reality (LBVR)

To get more people up and moving, Location Based Virtual Reality (LBVR) allows multiple users to roam freely in large spaces. Many are seeing the benefits in a variety of applications such as video games and training simulation. Our IndoTraq™ High Speed Vision Tracking (HSVT) technology tracks multiple users and objects at sub millimeter precision with an update rate of 10 milliseconds. Meaning that it is very fast and precise (no drift/lag that causes sickness).

Below is an image of how an IndoTraq™ tracking tag (inside shark fin) is simply combined with a typical head mounted device (HMD).


  • A typical LBVR setup using an IndoTraq™ HSVT system is a little over $5,000; in comparison to other systems being used for LBVR, which minimally start at $250,000. Please see the following white paper for more details.

Massive Play Area

  • You can build an LBVR space up to 10,000 sq. meters (100m x 100m). That’s approximately the size of a football field. In addition, this includes developing experiences with multiple rooms.


  • One system can support up to 16 players.
  • Multiple systems can be combined in the same space to increase the number of players.

10 minute Setup

  • The anchors are placed in the perimeter of the tracking space. Once turned ON, the system automatically calibrates and is ready for use.


  • As seen in the image below, the entire HSVT tracking system fits in a small carrying case (case included).