IndoTraq Revolutionizing Stage Performance

Actor Tracking

Actors and performers can wear IndoTraq® tracking tags on either a wristband or incorporated into a battery pack that they already wear. Then the precise motion of the actors can be tracked. This tracking can control cameras or lighting focused directly on the actor at all times.

Actor Motion

Actors wear multiple IndoTraq® tracking tags on different parts of their body. As they move, the exact rotation and coordinates of each tag is logged. The data can then allow the actor’s motion to be converted into digital motion.

Benefits of RF Tracking versus using Optical Tracking

  • System is portable and setup is simple due to the auto calibration algorithm.
  • Large coverage area of 100 m indoors and up to 200 m outdoors.
  • Signal passes through other actors, walls and obstacles.
  • Motion is tracked down to less than 5 mm.
  • Small amounts of data is gathered that consists of just rotation and absolute coordinates. This makes analysis and conversion to 3D motion very simple.
  • No expensive data analysis software is required. Data can be transferred directly into 3D modeling programs.