General Questions

What does IndoTraq® do?

IndoTraq® provides high speed wireless 6DOF position tracking technology with sub mm precision.

How does the tracking system work?

HSKT™ (High Speed Kalman Tracking)

The system is based on the fusion of an IMU (inertial measurement unit) and wireless radio frequency (RF) signals. It has a precision of 5mm and updates at 150 times per second (150 Hz). Stationary anchors (minimum of three for 2D positioning, four for 3D positioning) are placed around the perimeter of a space. Each tag within the space actively communicates with the anchors to determine its own 6DOF location which includes its 3D rotation in space, in the form of a quaternion.

HSVT™ (high speed vision tracking)

The system has sub millimeter precision with 150 updates per second (150 Hz). This technology combines the previous success of the HSKT™ tracking tag with inside-out camera tracking (IOT). In this case, the HSKT™ tag gives the initial starting position and rotation. Then constantly corrects the drift in the IOT so that it always has an accurate 6DOF position. Using IOT by itself is limited to small spaces. It completely loses tracking when there are changes in lighting, smooth wall or floor textures, or if the cameras are blocked. That’s where the HSKT™ tracking tag becomes critical so that you never lose tracking. When the IOT loses its tracking, the HSKT™ tag takes over and gets the IOT system back on track.

Does the tracking technology work through walls or other obstacles?

Yes. For most applications there are no issues, but for best performance in virtual reality, the system should be set up so the wireless signals don’t have to pass through thick walls. Thick walls cause a small time delay which can affect the precision of the position calculations.

Does the tracking technology work with metal objects in the space?

Yes. There are no issues with metal objects.

Who is this tracking system designed for?

This tracking system is designed to be the fastest, most precise wireless position tracking system in the world. It is designed to be used by other companies to implement their tracking needs, both indoors and outdoors. This technology can help unlock the potential of a host of commercial applications, such as full Virtual Reality immersion, virtual training, virtual shopping and events, wearable tracking, autonomous cars, robots and drones, and more.

Does IndoTraq® work with customers to help incorporate the tracking solution into their own product?

Absolutely. IndoTraq® considers this one of their main focus points. IndoTraq® is a B2B business.