What interface is provided to a computer?

A virtual communication port driver is provided to communicate with a computer running Windows or Linux (all versions supported) over USB. An example application is provided that shows where the anchors are located, and the tags being tracked will be shown in real-time. A plugin for Unity running on a computer is also available.

What interface is provided to a mobile device?

A plugin for the Unity game engine is provided, which will allow an Android-based device to communicate with a tag. This plugin allows the tag tracking information to control characters or objects in the game. An example virtual reality application—made with Unity—is provided along with source code. This application is the same one we have demonstrated to people all over the world so you may have already seen it.

What output does the tag generate?

The tag outputs 3D coordinates and quaternion information. Other data such as anchor position, tag to anchor distances, linear acceleration, rotation, etc is also provided.  See the getting started guide located in the support section for more details. Custom data structures will be provided as needed for specific applications.

What output does the anchor generate?

The anchor outputs the same tracking information for each tag, over Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth. This gives you the option of getting the tracking data from the anchor or tag to a PC or android device.