Indoor HSKT Development Kit


Kit includes the following:

Master Anchor 1 1
Slave Anchor 3 7
Small Antenna 4 8
Internal Tag 2 2
External Tag 2 2
Tag Battery 4 4
Generic USB Cable 4 4

Virtual Reality Accessories

  • Virtual reality shark fin tag enclosure
  • Velcro strap to attach shark fin to VR mask
  • Custom USB cable to connect tag from shark fin to VR headset or to connect to any Android phone for custom applications.
  • Unity game engine plugin

Carrying Case

  • Clamshell carrying case with custom-cut foam interior
  • Extra cutouts for high-capacity batteries or other equipment

Area Tracking Demo

  • PC example application shows all tags currently being tracked in real time
  • PC driver for Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10
  • Map overlays allow you to see tags in relation to building walls

Source Code

  • Free source code is available for download with purchase of dev kit
    • Includes example code in C#, Python, Unity, Java, Android to allow you to develop your application as fast as possible.
    • Note: In order to obtain free source code in our downloads section, a signed Mutual NDA is required. 

Excellent Technical Support

  • Each development kit comes with 1 year technical support via email. This support is designed to help you integrate the IndoTraq technology into your respective application.  Any further support (i.e. application software development, firmware customization, etc.) is not covered. Response time for email support may require up to 24-48 business hours.
  • For premium technical support via phone or on-site consultation, please contact sales:
  • Click here for IndoTraq™ Technical Support Terms and Conditions.

Support for the Following Architecture Modes

  • High Speed Network
    • Up to 8 anchors and 16 tags
    • 100 Hz update rate with 4 tags (each additional tag adds 2ms latency)
  • Super Speed Network
    • Up to 8 anchors and 8 tags
    • 100 Hz update rate with all 8 tags.
    • Some features in high speed network have been removed to increase update speed.
  • Mesh network (covers very large area)
    • Up to 32 anchors and 128 tags
    • 4 Hz update rate with 20 tags (each additional tag adds 12ms latency)

By clicking ORDER NOW, I understand a signed Mutual NDA is required to obtain free source code in the download section located here. Updated firmware, USBTraq graphical user interface and other software items can be obtained by contacting

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