IndoTraq™ builds tracking technology and solutions that monitor precise movement, acceleration and rotation in three dimensions which in turn generates actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses, becoming more efficient, develop new products and enter into new markets.

We have developed the fastest and most precise wireless indoor tracking system. It has a precision of +-  5 mm  indoor through walls, range of 100 m and updates at a rate of 200 Hz (200 times per second). The outdoor range can reach up to 200 m on a single system. It can precisely track where you, or an object is, in a 3D space.

The patented technology called HSKT™ (high speed kalman tracking) that combines an IMU (inertial measurement unit) and an UWB (ultra wide band) position tracking system together. The end experience is very similar to using GPS outdoors, but instead it is extremely fast and precise.

IndoTraq™ introduced its first featured product VRTraq™ at CES. The user wears a wireless VR headset, and is able to fully immerse in their own Virtual Reality. VRTraq™ allows the user to walk freely without using cables or camera. It is completely wireless. One cannot understate the importance of being untethered – the freedom of movement. Which is key to unlocking the full potential of the market.

There are a host of commercial applications in many verticals that can leverage this technology. Feel free to download our 1 page flyer or Slide Presentation.

IndoTraq Flyer

IndoTraq Overview



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    David is a 25-year mobile industry veteran and has a solid record of building multimillion-dollar operations from scratch. He has a proven record of success in launching new markets, starting new business groups, building sales channels, winning market share and exceeding revenue and sales goals.
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    Michael heads technical development. He has over 25 years experience building embedded electronics and developing automated robotic systems. He has worked on several projects that have incorporated outdoor GPS. Now he is using his experience to tackle the indoor tracking problem.
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    Well known for his high energy personality, MT has 5 years experience with sales in the sports industry. However, he made his imprint in the last 10 years training managers to lead their teams towards the importance of client relations and how that largely effects sales productivity.