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Revolutionary new and powerful indoor patented technology called HSKT™ (High-Speed Kalman Tracking) combines an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) position tracking system.

200Hz update rate, 5ms latency


Sub-5mm precision today. Working towards millimeter precision.


Works through walls and obstacles for up to 100m range indoors and up to 300m range outdoors.


No cables, no cameras, no lasers, no calibration.


Partial list
Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Mobile Games
Virtual Shopping
Training Simulations
Gesture control tracking

Autonomous Robots / Drones

Automation and robotics using indoor positioning

Smart Home / Wearables

Medical monitoring
Activity tracker

Healthcare / Hospitals

Real Time Asset  
Patient, and Staff Tracking and Analysis
Workflow analysis and management  


Athlete tracking
Training simulation
Performance monitoring
Injury avoidance (concussions)
Safer rehab

Location-Based Services

Pattern-based analytics

Motion Capture

Performance capture

About Indotraq

Our vision: To create the fastest and most accurate indoor/outdoor positioning and tracking system using the latest and greatest technology.
Fast Accurate Indoor and Outdoor Positioning and Tracking

IndoTraq™ has developed the fastest and most precise wireless indoor tracking system in the world. It has a precision of ±5 mm and updates at 200 Hz. It has a range of 100 m indoors through walls, and 300 m outdoors. The new and powerful patented technology called HSKT™ (High Speed Kalman Tracking) combines an IMU (inertial measurement unit) and an UWB (ultra wide band) position tracking system together. The tracking technology is similar in concept to GPS. A host of commercial applications in many verticals can leverage this technology, including virtual and augmented reality, virtual training, virtual shopping and events, wearable tracking, and autonomous robots and drones, just to mention a few.

Management Team

Innovation is no accident. It’s fostered through deep experience, a strong understanding of customer needs, and a global network of strategic contacts. The management team at IndoTraq™ brings all of these to bear in leading the company.
David Sym-Smith
David Sym-Smith
David is a 25-year mobile industry veteran and has a solid record of building multimillion-dollar operations from scratch. He has a proven record of success in launching new markets, starting new business groups, building sales channels, winning market share and exceeding revenue and sales goals.
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton
Founder / CTO
Michael heads technical development. He has over 25 years experience building embedded electronics and developing automated robotic systems. He has worked on several projects that have incorporated outdoor GPS. Now he is using his experience to tackle the indoor tracking problem.
Todd Slaughter
Todd Slaughter
UX / UI / Graphics Designer
Todd brings over twenty years of multimedia production experience to IndoTraq™. He oversees the UX/UI team and the QA team, ensuring a polished and consistent user experience. Todd has led teams producing e-learning, websites, and interactive experiences.
Michael “MT” Thai
Michael “MT” Thai
Sales Manager
Well known for his high energy personality, MT has 5 years experience with sales in the sports industry but made his imprint in the last 10 years training managers to lead their teams towards the importance of client relations and how that largely effects sales productivity.


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