IndoTraq’s Autonomous Drone – Part 3

We have developed an easy way to integrate IndoTraq’s 3D Indoor Position Tracking system with any drone that has an open UART port and understands MAVLink messages. The drone shown in the video below is using the standard PX4 unmodified firmware.

The UART port on the IndoTraq tag was connected to the Telem 2 port on the Pixhawk FMU (flight management unit). MAVLink messages containing X,Y,Z coordinates in the NED frame are continuously streamed to the Pixhawk. This gives the drone an accurate position feedback.

In this third part, we will be showing how to connect the IndoTraq HSKT tag directly to the Pixhawk flight controller. Mavlink messages are streamed over the serial port. These messages give the drone a constant position feedback.

Please see the video below for more details:

Part 3 Video

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