Position Tracking - Kart Racing

Kart Race – Where Game Meets Reality

This customer demonstrates the use of the IndoTraq position tracking system on an ice hockey rink. A tracking tag is mounted on each Kart and it tracks the position and orientation at high speed. There are a total of 16 Karts that can all be tracked at the same time. Customer’s Website YouTube Demonstration

high speed orientation tracking

Training Tools for Ice Skating using IndoTraq™ Position Tracking Technology

IndoTraq™ demonstrated how its position / orientation tracking technology could be used to perfect an ice skater’s spin. An IndoTraq™ tracking tag was attached to a skater and she was told to perform spins. The tracking tag records three dimensional position and orientation at high speed. This data can be reviewed at slow speed to[…]

IndoTraq – Major Update to Position Tracking Firmware v5

High Speed Network Supports up to 8 anchors and 16 tags. The more anchors the better the precision in non-line of sight conditions. Monitors device temperature and prevents overheating. Added optional silent time to slow down device updates and reduce temperature. Multiple IndoTraq systems can be operated in the same space on different RF channels.[…]