outdoor drone arena

Drone Arena using IndoTraq’s Weatherproof HSKT™ Technology

Shown here is an outdoor drone arena using IndoTraq’s Weatherproof HSKT™ Technology. This close up shows the anchors inside a plastic enclosure mounted on a pole. The plastic enclosure is not required because the anchors are weatherproof, but the added enclosure provides protection for the 5V power supply. The HSKT™ batteryless tag weighs 7.1 grams[…]

Augmented Reality (AR) Demonstration

Dynamic Augmented Solutions (DAS) has integrated the IndoTraq technology into their Augmented Reality (AR) Demonstrations. By attaching an IndoTraq tracking tag to their phone, they are able to precisely track their position while integrating their AR content. The following videos give you an idea of how the IndoTraq technology can work for you! Monster vs Dragon[…]

Technical Support Terms and Conditions

1. Support Services On-site and Phone support shall be quoted to customer on a per case basis. Standard phone support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time – excluding weekends and observed U.S. Holidays. Premium phone support will be provided outside the standard support hours. All phone support availability[…]

IndoTraq to be at CES to Meet with Customers

IndoTraq will be at CES in Las Vegas. Please contact sales@indotraq.com to schedule meeting time. IndoTraq wants to discuss ideas and applications for 3D position tracking in the following markets: Location Based Virtual Reality Simulation Based Augmented Reality Athletic Tracking Camera / Light Tracking Location Based Services Drones Industrial Machinery

QuantaDyn demonstrated IndoTraq’s wireless 6DOF position tracking system at I/ITSEC

IndoTraq’s 6DOF position tracking system has millimeter precision and uses wireless UWB technology. QuantaDyn, who supplies high fidelity training solutions to support the warfighter, leveraged IndoTraq‘s state of the art 6DOF tracking system as a result of a detailed evaluation to replace older tracking systems they were using. QuantaDyn was immediately impressed by the product support they received[…]