QuantaDyn demonstrated IndoTraq’s wireless 6DOF position tracking system at I/ITSEC

IndoTraq’s 6DOF position tracking system has millimeter precision and uses wireless UWB technology.

QuantaDyn, who supplies high fidelity training solutions to support the warfighter, leveraged IndoTraq‘s state of the art 6DOF tracking system as a result of a detailed evaluation to replace older tracking systems they were using. QuantaDyn was immediately impressed by the product support they received as well as the ease of use and quick setup.

“It has been extremely easy to implement IndoTraq’s product for tracking within our simulators. We have fielded in excess of 25 JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) simulators in the past 2 years incorporating IndoTraq’s 6DOF tracking system,” says QuantaDyn engineering manager, Devesh Pokhariyal.

Pokhariyal added, “IndoTraq has been willing to make custom modifications for our needs and we have seen cost, setup and support efficiencies while continuing to meet our tracking performance requirements. We look forward to our continued collaboration and utilizing new IndoTraq products in the simulation and training domain.”

To learn more about the IndoTraq™ 6DOF Position Tracking Technology, pricing, or to schedule a call, email sales@indotraq.com or visit the website at IndoTraq.com.

About IndoTraq:
IndoTraq™ builds 6DOF position tracking technology and solutions that monitor precise 3D motion, acceleration and rotation. This generates actionable information and insight; giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by becoming more efficient, develop new products, and enter into new markets.

IndoTraq™ technology is the fastest and most precise wireless indoor / outdoor position tracking system. It has “sub millimeter” precision; passes through walls with a range of 100 meters indoors / 200 meters outdoors; both with update rates of up to 150 times per second; all on a single system. It can precisely track where you or an object is, in a 3D space.

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  • I am interested in the system you have provided Quantadyne for the JTC-TRS units they mention in your advertisement. Could you please contact me in regard to a quote for eight of these systems as well as ICD and interface information.

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