Outdoor position tracking

3D Outdoor Position Tracking with IndoTraq’s HSGT Technology – Part 1

This post demonstrates IndoTraq’s HSGT technology which provides accurate outdoor position tracking. It fuses RTK GPS with a 3 axis Inertial Measurement Unit. This fusion results in centimeter level accuracy and high update rates.  In the past, IndoTraq focused mostly on using ultrawide band for position tracking. This requires setting up wireless anchors around the[…]

Indoor Position Tracking with IndoTraq’s HSVT Technology

In the video below, I will be demonstrating IndoTraq’ s HSVT indoor position tracking technology. I will be moving the HSVT tag to three different 3D points. You will then be able to see how well the system tracks position and orientation. I will then repeat the process so that you can see the precision[…]

IndoTraq’s Autonomous Drone – Part 3

We have developed an easy way to integrate IndoTraq’s 3D Indoor Position Tracking system with any drone that has an open UART port and understands MAVLink messages. The drone shown in the video below is using the standard PX4 unmodified firmware. The UART port on the IndoTraq tag was connected to the Telem 2 port[…]