New Tag Cooling Options

IndoTraq has pushed the limits to make the tracking system as fast as possible. This has caused the tags to run at much higher temperatures. The firmware incorporates an automatic temperature shutdown set at 70C. When this is reached, the tag is allowed to cool down to 60C before continuing. This creates a brief pause in the tracking.

To avoid overheating and pauses in the tracking, IndoTraq has implemented silent time which is a configurable amount of time (5 – 30ms) between rangings to prevent the tag from overheating. This works well to prevent overheating, but it slows down the overall update rate.

IndoTraq has added a new feature to its indoor position tracking system. Each tag can now be equipped with a heat sink mounted to the front of the tag. This heat sink limits the maximum temperature to around 62C (25C ambient / no fan). The reduced operating temperature allows the tag to run at full speed with no silent time needed.

IndoTraq has also added the ability for a small fan to be added to the front of the heat sink. This combination of a fan and heat sink limits the maximum temperature to around 46C (25C ambient). This extra reduction in temperature may be needed in cases where the ambient operating temperature is high or the tag is placed inside of an enclosure.

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