New Command – LOS vs NLOS – IndoTraq Position Tracking System

The IndoTraq Position Tracking System now has a new command to determine the probability if the distance reading from the connected tag to each anchor is a Line of Sight (LOS) or Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) Signal.

The most accurate distance readings are obtained during LOS conditions. During NLOS conditions, a small delay is added to the signal. This in turn increases the distance and can give a less accurate reading. This command can be helpful to determine the best location when installing anchors, or when calibrating a tag.

To use the command, be sure you have high speed firmware v2001.5.29 or later. Then connect USBTraq to a tag and click on the Terminal tab. You will then be able to enter the command:


The response will be


Where each LOSNLOS part will be a value indicating the LOS versus NLOS probability between the connected tag and the anchor device ID. A value <= 3 means LOS. Whereas a value > 6 most likely indicates NLOS.

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