Major Upgrade in Wireless Tracking

IndoTraq has upgraded filter method 2 (FM2). It now obtains excellent indoor position tracking even in small spaces. These tracking environments have been a challenge mainly due to non-line-of-sight (NLOS), multi-path reflections, and non-linearities. The new filter method handles all these issues really well.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) is by far the best wireless position tracking signal that can be used. The reason is due to the wide frequency band and the ability to distinguish between the true line of sight signal and multi-path reflections. In small spaces though, the issue with multi-path signals is magnified. This causes the calculated distance to vary significantly.

The new filter method uses a special non-linear type of Kalman filter that can handle the issues described above. Click on the video link below to see it in action. The test setup is in a small room (4m x 4m). Also the room includes many signal obstacles that create NLOS situations.

Video Link

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